Yardage Markers

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Please note: please allow 4-6 weeks for production.

If you are looking for an easy solution for tee markers from 25 & 50 yards for your academy, this is perfect for you.  Each plaque is the size of a sprinkler head and can be easily installed and moved when needed.

  • Type: In-Ground Yardage Markers
  • Material: Cast Aluminum (will not rust)
  • Size: 8" diameter
  • Installation:
    • Option 1: In-the-ground with included screw-in stakes, can be moved easily throughout the year.
    • Option 2: In-the-ground with cement, more of a permanent solution and helps avoid theft.
    • Grass needs to be removed the size of the marker and installed about (0.5”) below the grass surface so the mowers will not do damage.
    • Not meant to be mounted vertically.


    • (9) 25 Yard Plaques
    • (9) 50 Yard Plaques