Op 36 Program Guide

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Op 36 Program Guide

Tell the full story!

The Operation 36 Program Guide is a perfect way to show the value of your program. It covers every aspect of what your participants will experience with Operation 36. It is designed as a "Getting Started in Golf Guide" to help overcome any objection or answer any question a parent or beginner might have.

How to use it:
We recommend having these on hand for your staff to give to families who attend a private or group orientation. You can use it to go over any aspect of the program. We like to include it in a facility branded folder with the schedule and other information.

It is educational and large enough to allow prospective participants feel like it is a gift you are giving them before they make a decision to join your program. Not only will this go a long way to show you have a plan, but that you care about your program.

Sections include:

  • Why Should My Family Play Golf?
  • Operation 36: A Better Way To Learn Golf
  • How to Evaluate a Golf Coaching Program
  • How the Operation 36 Program Works
  • What to Expect in an Operation 36 Program
  • Who Is Operation 36 For?
  • Why Operation 36 Works
  • The App For Golfers & Families
  • The App For Your Pro
  • The Operation 36 Curriculum
  • Operation 36 Junior Starter Kits
  • Operation 36 Junior Development Model
  • See What Parents are Saying
  • Operation 36 Junior Development Tracks
  • FAQ - Preparing to play your first Op 36 Round